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15 myths about dogs that we should already banish – dog saliva cures

Endured for years and years, defended by many, reviled by others and with the shadow of doubt for the rest, we refer to the most widespread myths about dogs.

How many times have you heard that dog saliva has healing powers for both themselves and humans? If you think that bringing the wound you made yesterday on your arm to the furry and letting him lick it, is going to heal it, you are wrong. His tongue does not have the super power of healing and possibly what you achieve is that the wound becomes infected. Here another well-extended myth comes into play that we want to banish, and that is that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than ours . Of that nothing, the mouth of a dog has the same amount of bacteria if not more than the human mouth. Is this going to heal your wound? No. Nor does it matter that the dog is able to heal his with licks. What it will do at first is to remove dirt from around and inside. If the animal persists with licking, what it will do, without it trying, is to make it difficult to heal. Again, bad business. When your dog is injured, what you have to do is take him to the vet. No more no less.

Nor is it true that whenever a dog wags its tail it means that it is happy . This is very important because there are many times when dogs wag their tails for an intimidating purpose. Check if the tail is taut, in a horizontal position and if the animal has bristly hair. If that’s the case, you shouldn’t go near him because he may be defending his territory and might attack if he feels intimidated.

Here we tell you what other beliefs are still circulating today and should disappear … because they are false! Some you have surely heard, others perhaps not and the least you may have assumed but, from now on, you will not believe them when someone in the park brings them up. Here they go!

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