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15 surprising curiosities of the Spanish water dog – Andalusian origin

The Spanish or Turkish Andalusian water dog is one of the most appreciated dogs in our country. Traditionally considered a sheepdog and working dog , and an excellent swimmer, this curly furball is sociable, cheerful and intelligent, with great intuition and energy. It is an excellent companion for the whole family and adapts to almost any situation.

Its hard and curly coat is its greatest physical characteristic. It loses very little hair, so its maintenance is easy and the coat protects it from weather conditions. It can present the most varied colors, from white to black, passing through brown (light and dark), both unicolor and bicolor with spots. As a curiosity, when they are born they usually present some colors, but these can change as they grow.

They are medium-sized and quite stout dogs, partly also due to the density of their fur. They usually measure between 40 and 50 cm at the withers, and under that curly coat hides a strong, compact and athletic body. Shaving is not recommended for this type of dog, but it is recommended to trim their hair, especially in the hot months.

He tends to get along quite well with other animals, although with strangers he can be distrustful . However, it is not aggressive. In general he is noble and with his family he is a very faithful dog. He is enthusiastic about helping humans and that is why he is a good companion to go out and exercise with.

He is obedient and will not cause any problems during his education, since he is also smart and awake, so he will learn the commands with ease. She has a highly developed herding instinct , so don’t be surprised if, if you go for a walk, she is constantly aware that the whole “herd” is gathered and she is not lost from sight. In that respect, he is a very familiar dog, with a strong sense of belonging to his circle.

The Spanish water dog (and its mestizos, of which there are more and more) is an alert , intelligent, sociable and familiar animal that will get along well with all members of the family. Do you want to know more about him?

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