News2 million followers gone: mother deletes 14-year-old daughter's social...

2 million followers gone: mother deletes 14-year-old daughter's social media accounts

An influencer in Brazil lost around two million followers with one click. Because her worried mother decided to delete her social media accounts.

Brazil – What symbolized Woodstock and MTV for earlier generations – freedom, creativity, music, zeitgeist are now the social networks for Generation Z. Many of those born between 1995 and 2010 prefer to use the TikTok app. The platform has now even overtaken Instagram and is gaining more and more users (* FNP reported). In short videos, users share dances, music, recipes, thoughts and politics.

However, a TikTok user from Brazil has now lost two million followers with a single click. Her worried mother deleted the 14-year-old’s Instagram and TikTok accounts. A disaster for young people when you consider that digital followers can be an important currency * on the Internet.

Mother deletes social media accounts: “You won’t understand until later”

According to a Stern report, the mother described social networks as a “bad influence” from which she wanted to protect her child. “Then when two million people, who you’ve never seen before, think they know you, that’s even more dangerous. It’s easier to lose yourself ”. The Brazilian is a doctor and has an Instagram account with 119,000 followers. Even if she knows that the action was unusually harsh, she stands behind the decision. “I know it’s annoying, but our role as mothers is not to be your friend. You’ll only understand later, ”she wrote in a post.

The influencer’s obsession with the number of followers, the same TikTok dance videos and excessive self-portrayal are a thorn in the mother’s side. Your daughter should develop in a different environment and find herself. “I don’t want her to advertise flammable polyester clothing from China. I don’t want my brilliant daughter to perform dances every day like a trained baboon. ”Although the daughter was not very enthusiastic about her mother’s fire action, she decided to take a break from social media for the time being. * FNP is an offer from IPPEN.Media.

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