News3-meter python discovered in the basement: Search was actually...

3-meter python discovered in the basement: Search was actually stopped a month ago – the pictures are impressive

A python was discovered in a cellar in Haldensleben (Saxony-Anhalt). The search for the strangler snake officially ceased at the beginning of August.

Haldensleben – A resident found the reticulated python on Friday afternoon in Haldensleben, said a spokesman for the fire department on Saturday. The animal was in very bad shape. The three-meter-long python was packed into a blue bin by the fire brigade and brought to a snake farm in the Harz district. There the animal is nursed up again.

The snake escaped its owner on July 24th. The fire brigade and police started a search. Dog and cat owners were asked not to leave their animals unattended outside.

Missing python discovered weakened in the basement

The missing python was found in the basement of the neighboring house, which is connected to that of the building from which the animal disappeared on July 24th. How the python got into the basement and how long it had been there was unclear. The basement had been searched at the time. The relief is great. “Who would have believed it …”, writes the city of Haldensleben on its Facebook page. The city had gone to great lengths to find the snake. The fire brigade set up boxes with damp washcloths to lure the reticulated python into the trap. Exchanged with snake experts. A drone was also used in the search.

Search for strangler snake officially discontinued

At the beginning of August, the search for the snake was officially stopped. According to the city, experts had confirmed that the chances of finding the queue were poor. It was said that the cold-blooded animal remained inactive in the weather of the past few weeks and could not survive permanently on cooler nights. The experts had classified the risk from the animal to both humans and pets as low. The tropics are considered to be the natural habitat of reticulated pythons.

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