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Corona rules tightened drastically: What is now valid in my state?

The fourth corona wave now results in stricter measures. But which rules apply where? An overview of the corona rules in the federal states.

Illegal Vaccination Passport Trade: How Easy is it to Buy a False Passport?

The police are investigating numerous cases of forged vaccination documents. A report is now trying to clarify why people buy the wrong vaccination certificate.

Princess Madeleine travels to Sweden: Palace confirms homecoming

This news makes Sweden's royal fans cheer: Princess Madeleine will not only return to her homeland, her trip to Stockholm is even imminent.

Thousands of British households without power after storm

The storm "Arwen" caused severe damage in Great Britain at the end of November. According to official information, a little more than 9,000 households were without electricity on Friday evening.

Princess Madeleine travels to Sweden: Palace confirms homecoming

This news makes Sweden's royal fans cheer: Princess Madeleine will not only return to her homeland, her trip to Stockholm is even imminent.

Cell phone falls into bathtub: 13-year-old died

Many teenagers can hardly be separated from their cell phones. A young girl died of a fatal accident involving a cell phone.

Queen Elizabeth II: embarrassing faux pas causes laughter

Queen Elizabeth II will not soon forget this royal misstep: Her encounter with a craftsman will make Royal fans laugh.

La Palma disaster: volcanic eruption causes hundreds of tremors every day

The volcanic eruption on La Palma never ends. The volcano in Cumbre Vieja recently triggered hundreds of tremors. It will remain active for a long time.

Crown Princess Victoria: She can't wait to see you again

There is great anticipation in the Swedish palace: Crown Princess Victoria and her family are longingly waiting for a special kind of reunion.

Omikron has been in Europe longer than expected – researchers are discovering traces in older samples

Does the Coronavirus variant Omikron actually come from South Africa? Researchers in the Netherlands have discovered traces of omicron in samples that are older than the known cases.

Is there snow at Christmas? Meteorologist gives hope – "incredible 70 percent"

Can we look forward to a white Christmas in 2021? Many people hope for snow on Christmas Eve - but what are the chances? A weather expert is committed.

Weather service predicts heavy gusts of wind in the north

In the north of the republic people should dress warmly. The German Weather Service predicts strong storms up to hurricane gusts. Deep “Daniel” could also have the first snow in his luggage.

Headhunter reveals: That's what Daimler employees really deserve – from beginners to CEOs

Stuttgart-based Daimler AG and its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz are among the best-known car manufacturers in the world. A headhunter now revealed what the employees actually earn.

Charlène von Monaco deeply unhappy for years? New tragic details

It has long been speculated whether Charlène von Monaco is actually happy in her marriage to Prince Albert. New details cast a sad light on the relationship.

Princess Diana: did she cheat on Prince Charles first?

Princess Diana's former bodyguard Allan Peters sheds new light on her failed marriage to Prince Charles. Diana is said to have betrayed her husband first.

“Never so full!” Austrian clinics initiate triage – even with non-corona patients

What is considered a horror scenario in Germany in the fourth corona wave is already running in Austria: triage in hospitals. Also on the border with Bavaria. Not only Covid-19 patients are affected.

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Vanessa Hudgens doesn't take herself too seriously

You have to keep your youth, at least internally. The relatively freshly in love Vanessa Hudgens is convinced of this.

Epstein's "right hand"? Maxwell is charged with abuse

Ghislaine Maxwell is said to have made the abuse of minors by Jeffrey Epstein possible - as the prosecution puts it. Who is the woman who is said to have fed girls to her ex-partner "daily"?

"Now more than ever" – Christmas houses are glowing again

Glittering icicles, waving Santa Clauses and reindeer made of fairy lights: Pompously decorated Christmas houses are supposed to provide a ray of light in the pandemic.

Will the vaccination status soon expire for everyone without a booster vaccination?

Since the vaccination protection of a double vaccination is decreasing, politicians are thinking about shortening the validity of vaccination certificates. Is the booster obligation coming?

Weather: Ice Age and cold record in Siberia – frost and black ice in Northern Germany

Winter in Germany brings frost, snow and slippery roads with it. Elsewhere, temperatures are dropping record-breaking.

Duchess Meghan finds "dream job": is she planning a new career?

Has Duchess Meghan had enough of being a royal dropout? The former actress is said to be flirting with an exciting new career.