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New Omicron infections in those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated? New data from South Africa calls into question 2G

The Omikron variant is on the rise. How dangerous is it for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered? All news in the ticker.

Omicron variant: sudden increase in Denmark – rapid spread in the UK

"We are now vaccinating against the clock," Karl Lauterbach is certain in a tweet. The news ticker for the new Corona variant Omikron.

Number of deaths after volcanic eruption on Java continues to rise

The 3700 meter high Semeru volcano has been increasingly active again since December 2020. The volcano erupted on Saturday - dozens of people were killed.

The tank top is in fashion

You have probably already seen it in stores: the tank top, often in a bourgeois pattern, sometimes funny and different, hangs in the departments with the trendy fashion. How can that be?

EU declares 2022 the Year of Youth

Young people have suffered many setbacks during the pandemic. The European Union therefore wants to put young people in the foreground next year.

Donald Trump: His platform "Truth Social" calls the financial authorities on the scene

Donald Trump wants to build his own social network and collects money for it. However, investigations by US tax authorities are now pending.

Dangerous rabbit plague in the cemetery – now they are being hunted

Wild rabbits are currently up to mischief in a cemetery in Cologne. The animals cause serious damage - which could have consequences.

Juan Carlos and Europe: is the ex-king coming back soon?

Portuguese newspapers report that King Juan Carlos may return to Europe. Not only his homesickness, but also news from Portugal condense the rumors.

Travel restrictions due to Omikron: what applies to vacation now

The new Corona variant Omikron is spreading extremely quickly. More and more countries are therefore imposing travel restrictions. But what is the case now?

Queen Elizabeth II: embarrassing faux pas causes laughter

Queen Elizabeth II will not soon forget this royal misstep: Her encounter with a craftsman will make Royal fans laugh.

Corona in Germany: RKI case numbers are not yet available

The development of the seven-day incidence and the number of cases of new corona infections in Germany updated daily.

Prince William: In tears, he shares a memory of Diana

Prince William is rarely so emotional: With tears in his eyes, he shares a touching anecdote about his mother Princess Diana.

William and Harry: Princess Diana's legacy unites the brothers

Prince William and Prince Harry pull together when it comes to the continuation of the initiatives of their late mother Princess Diana.

Snow roller over Germany: meteorologist with urgent warning

The weather in Germany is becoming threatening. A meteorologist warns of heavy snowfall and a blizzard in the next few days.

Five dead found in residential building in Königs Wusterhausen

After a call, the police found five dead in a residential building in Brandenburg. The investigators assume a crime. A homicide squad is on site.

Corona summit: are there early Christmas holidays at schools?

The federal and state corona summit will take place on Tuesday afternoon. This is also where decisions are made about how to proceed in schools.

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Princess Madeleine travels to Sweden: Palace confirms homecoming

This news makes Sweden's royal fans cheer: Princess Madeleine will not only return to her homeland, her trip to Stockholm is even imminent.

William and Harry: Princess Diana's legacy unites the brothers

Prince William and Prince Harry pull together when it comes to the continuation of the initiatives of their late mother Princess Diana.

VW Golf crashes head-on in Lancia – five dead in a serious accident on the federal highway

Five people were killed in a serious traffic accident on the B253. The police are investigating, initially a lot was still unclear.

Germs in the cookie dough? Authority warns of bacteria in flour

Cookie bakers shouldn't nibble on raw cookie dough these days: there should be disease-causing bacteria in the flour. They could cause severe intestinal inflammation.

From lockdown to school closure: we are now threatened with these measures

Germany has a firm grip on the fourth wave. The federal and state governments therefore want to take tougher measures. What is really threatening us?