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Bureaucracy at the expense of Hamburg? Corona tests are in short supply – test centers are waiting for approval

Since 2G-Plus was introduced in Hamburg, the need for rapid tests has increased enormously. However, the capacities are low. Is the government getting in its own way with paperwork?

Panic after a volcanic eruption in Java

Volcanic eruptions are not uncommon in Indonesia. The island state lies on the so-called ring of fire in the Pacific.

Corona protest in Saxony: torchlight march in front of the minister's house

Resistance is forming against the corona measures in Germany. In Saxony, demonstrators pull torches in front of the health minister's home.

2G in retail: Unvaccinated people can still shop here

Due to the fourth corona wave, 2G has now been decided for retail. But there are exceptions: Unvaccinated people are still allowed to shop here.

Smartphone-free zone: Pub offers 50 percent discount on food without a mobile phone

A pub in Dorset, UK wants to keep its guests away from their smartphones while eating. That's why there is a 50 percent discount on mobile phone-free meals.

Corona vaccination: Biontech can carry out an Omikron upgrade in 100 days

According to experts, the omicron variant of the corona virus will further fuel the fourth wave of the pandemic. Biontech is already working on the antidote.

Sofia of Sweden: She has to live through this moment of shock again

Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip recently experienced a real shock moment that many fear. A family member suddenly disappeared!

Corona: Clinics are preparing triage – Germany threatens "disaster medicine"

Triage is one of the most difficult decisions a hospital has to make. In view of the increasing corona numbers, however, it could soon become everyday life.

Chinese rover is supposed to examine strange structures on the back of the moon

The Chinese moon rover "Yutu-2" discovers a mysterious structure on the horizon. Now he should go there and examine it. What is it about?

Weather in Germany: First snow causes chaos – "It crashes all the time"

Weather in Germany: Snow and ice cause accident chaos on the streets. Orange alert! The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of storms and snow in large parts of Germany.

Incredible story of 40 people infected while shopping

The same modern legend is circulating about a Kaufland branch as about many supermarkets in Germany.

Corona: RKI reports record values again – a federal state blows the 1000 incidence

The fourth corona wave seems unstoppable. The 7-day incidence has risen again. The new virus variant Omikron has arrived in Germany. The news ticker.

Princess Beatrix visits Curaçao: In close contact with a flamingo

Instead of freezing in the Netherlands in wintry weather, Princess Beatrix enjoyed the Caribbean sun for a few days - including exciting acquaintances.

Weather service predicts heavy gusts of wind in the north

In the north of the republic people should dress warmly. The German Weather Service predicts strong storms up to hurricane gusts. Deep “Daniel” could also have the first snow in his luggage.

Resistance to Corona measures: "Fascistoid" torchlight procession in Saxony

Resistance is forming against the corona measures in Germany. In Saxony, demonstrators pull torches in front of the health minister's home.

South Africa: Omicron variant fuels increase in Covid cases

The omicron variant is spreading rapidly in South Africa. The new Corona variant is already dominating there. Authorities are concerned.

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New Corona variant: Hundreds of Moderna employees are working feverishly on the Omikron vaccine

It is still unclear how dangerous the new Corona variant Omikron is. Vaccine manufacturers are alarmed. Moderna is already researching an adaptation of the vaccine.

1G rule on vacation – first country only allows entry for vaccinated people

As the first country in Africa, Kenya is planning to introduce a 1G rule for travelers. The corona measure should come into effect shortly before Christmas.

Munich's OB: Oktoberfest with a wristband

For the second time in a row, Oktoberfest has been canceled this year due to the pandemic. However, the plans for next year are already in full swing.

Booster: double vaccinated – still sick? What needs to be considered

Boosters are recommended. But what happens to people who are fully vaccinated and infected with corona? Does the refresh make sense then? All information.

Man almost crushed between trucks – emotional thanks to his rescuer from the police

There was a serious accident in Kreuz Hagen in 2019. The trapped accident victim was lucky and was rescued at the last second by the Dortmund police.

Dangerous rabbit plague in the cemetery – now they are being hunted

Wild rabbits are currently up to mischief in a cemetery in Cologne. The animals cause serious damage - which could have consequences.