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Adoption of animals: how, when, where …

As much as the heart tries to command, we must adopt following strict guidelines that allow a real assessment of our ability to cope with the arrival of the animal at home. In the following article we intend to answer some questions such as how, when and where to adopt.

Adopting is actually something too simple … Unfortunately, there are a multitude of protection entities more or less close to our home. Today there are hundreds, thousands of animals waiting for a second chance, so access to these unfortunate living beings is very simple.

Despite this “ease” and as much as our hearts and feelings tell us that we should stay with that wonderful friend, we must follow the same guidelines as with an animal that can be acquired in an establishment: is it really the time to incorporate an animal to the home? Do all family members agree? Will we have the time and resources to meet the animal’s needs?

We must bear in mind that the animals that are given up for adoption have already gone through a bad experience due to the “mistake” of some human beings who were convinced that they would be their best friend.

In principle, we could think that the adoption could be carried out at any time. Yes and no.

Any moment is good to give a new opportunity to an animal with little fortune, it is true, but we can try to make the most appropriate moment .

It would be ideal for the animal to enter our house at a time in our lives when nothing “abnormal” happens, at a time when the dog is in the usual routines, which he will enjoy for most of his life. .

This means that it is better not to adopt the animal during holidays, we would be spending much more time with the animal than we can actually give it during the rest of the year. This can alter the behavior of the animal when the holidays pass.

As we said at the beginning, there are too many protection entities and, as in everything, there are good, excellent protectors … and others that leave much to be desired.

Good intentions and love for animals does not ensure good facilities, proper handling of animals, adequate nutrition, health …

Not all entities can assure us of the good physical and behavioral condition of the animal.

Before adopting, we must also inform ourselves of the entities that we are going to visit.

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