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After a skeleton found in Lake Starnberg: divers are looking for more bones – identity still unclear

Divers recently recovered a skeletonized body from Lake Starnberg. The horror find puzzles. The Kripo continues to search for clues at full speed.

Update from May 10, 3:40 p.m .: Two weeks after a human skeleton was found in Lake Starnberg, the person’s identity is still unclear. A spokesman for the Upper Bavaria North Police Headquarters said yesterday at the request of Starnberger Merkur. Neither the comparison with missing persons databases nor the public call for witnesses have so far resulted in a hot lead.

The examination of the bones at the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Munich is still ongoing. Regardless of this, police divers should look for more skeletal parts in the lake on Tuesday, May 10, the spokesman said. Corresponding dives were canceled last week due to the weather. As reported, a Bundeswehr diver discovered the remains on April 27 at a depth of around 40 meters on the bottom of Lake Starnberg.

After a skeleton was found in Lake Starnberg: 15 to 20 reports were received by Kripo

Update from May 3, 6:00 p.m.: After the discovery of a human skeleton in Lake Starnberg, the criminal police received about 15 to 20 reports from all over Germany. This number was named by a spokeswoman for the Upper Bavaria North Police Headquarters yesterday at the request of Starnberger Merkur. The spectrum ranges from general inquiries about Adidas sneakers of the “Indoor Special” type to specific references to missing people, she said. However, there is still no hot lead. In addition to criminal investigations and forensic medicine, the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) is now also involved in the investigations.

Update from April 30, 11.20 a.m.: After the skeleton was found in Lake Starnberg, the police are hoping for a quick examination of the remains in order to be able to determine the identity of the deceased. The officials expect to have more information about the identity in “two to three weeks”. DNA comparisons with missing persons and criminal cases should also be used for this.

Corpse in Lake Starnberg: DNA samples taken from skeleton – “Time-consuming and complicated process”

At the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Munich, DNA samples are taken from the skeletonized corpse, the police reported on Friday. The corpse is examined with priority, but the extraction of DNA samples from the bones is a “time-consuming and complicated process”. If direct identification is not possible, the police hope to be able to match the DNA with the missing person.

So far, no hits have been found, a comparison of the corpse with missing persons and unresolved criminal cases. Usable information from the population has not been received either. The human bone parts were discovered on Tuesday during a diving exercise by a Bundeswehr soldier at a depth of 40 meters.

Corpse in Lake Starnberg: Kripo determined – Adidas sneakers so far hottest trace

Update from April 29th, 6:29 pm: A pair of white Adidas sneakers of the “Indoor Special” type is currently the hottest lead in a mysterious case that the Fürstenfeldbruck criminal police are dealing with. The white shoes with black stripes in shoe size 12 (UK) belonged to a person whose remains were discovered by divers in Lake Starnberg on Tuesday morning. As the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North announced on Thursday, divers from the Bundeswehr training center in Percha were on their platform on the lake on Tuesday when they found the human remains.

The Bundeswehr then informed the police. In addition to two officers from the Starnberg water protection police, riot police divers were on duty shortly afterwards. They found other parts of a skeletonized corpse, as well as a few other items of clothing. The identity of the body was still unclear on Thursday. The time the bones were in place could not yet be more precisely defined “at the current state of investigation”. Due to the condition of the corpse, however, many years must be assumed. In addition, the shoe size – 12 (UK) corresponds to 46.5 (EU) – suggests that it is a man.

Corpse in Lake Starnberg: Kripo is now looking through the missing persons cases of the past years

The officers of the Kripo are now going through the missing persons cases of the past years. If necessary, the dental scheme could also provide information about the identity, said police spokeswoman Michaela Grob to the Starnberger Merkur . The difficulty lies in establishing a connection between a missing person and Lake Starnberg. Starnberg’s police chief Bernd Matuschek can only remember one single case of a missing person that could not be solved: At the end of May 2010, a then 67-year-old sailor from Munich went overboard of a sailing ship between Tutzing and Bernried. According to Matuschek, the man has not yet been found.

At this point in time, however, it is pure speculation whether the Bundeswehr diver has found the remains of this man. Matuschek assumes that the body has been lying in the lake for at least ten years. This is also supported by the age of the shoes. As an Adidas spokeswoman said on request, the “Indoor Spezial” model came on the market in 1979 and was definitely available until 1984.

Bundeswehr divers find human remains in Lake Starnberg

First report April 29, 2:17 p.m .: Starnberg – Divers of the Bundeswehr made a terrible find last Tuesday, April 27, 2021, in Lake Starnberg. They recovered several human bones from the bottom of the lake. The deceased has not yet been identified, partly because of the advanced skeletonization.

Initially, there was no evidence of the corpse’s whereabouts. The diver, a member of the German Armed Forces, only went into the water as part of an exercise at around 8:25 a.m. in the northern area of Lake Starnberg. However, at a depth of around 40 meters, he discovered a human skull on the bottom of the lake. In addition, the diver found light-colored sneakers, which protruded from the silt of the lake and were assigned to the corpse.

Body recovered from Lake Starnberg – divers encounter human bones and items of clothing

With the help of divers from the riot police, parts of a skeletonized corpse as well as some related items of clothing were finally recovered and brought ashore as part of the rescue operation. The Fürstenfeldbruck criminal police took over the further investigations. So far, there are no indications of the identity of the deceased, nor can the time the bones remain in place at the current state of investigation.

Diese Adidas-Turnschuhe wurden bei der Leiche gefunden.


These Adidas sneakers were found on the corpse.

Starnberger See: Skeletonized corpse recovered – Kripo searches for clues to identity

As part of the inspection of the bones by the Institute for Forensic Medicine Munich, there were no signs of external violence. The relatively well-preserved sneakers could provide clues to the identity of the deceased. These are light-colored sneakers from the brand Adidas, type Indoor Spezial, shoe size 12 (UK). Because of this, it is assumed that it is probably a male person.

Witnesses who can provide relevant information about the identity of the deceased are asked to report to the Fürstenfeldbruck police station on (0 81 41) 61 20.

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