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Alonso says his preparation for 2022 will be different

Fernando Alonso returned to Formula 1 after two seasons out of the category, and he did so with a major setback. During his winter preparation he suffered a bicycle accident in Switzerland and had to undergo surgery because he fractured his jaw.

The events occurred on February 11, a few weeks before the pre-season tests in Bahrain . The Asturian driver explained in the Formula 1 podcast that the doctors told him that in 10 or 12 days he would be recovered, but Alonso stated that this affected his season.

(This is how Fernando Alonso trained a few days after his bicycle accident. Read on to find out how he will prepare for the 2022 Formula 1 season).


A month after being in the hospital, the two-time champion climbed into the Alpine on Shakir and proved to be prepared to withstand the lateral forces exerted by Formula 1 single-seaters, one of the main concerns and doubts that were had.

“After the bike accident, I was counting down the days to go to Bahrain, and I arrived just in time to travel, but not with a proper physical training programme,” he explained.

Fernando Alonso, as he himself admitted, did not reach his maximum level until six or seven races after the start of the season, but in 2022 it will be different. The Asturian will have the whole winter to prepare physically and arrive in top form for next season.

When asked if he needed any special training to face the new year, he laughed and flexed his muscles: “I don’t need it, I’m super strong and ready!”

Leaving the humor behind, the Alpine driver indicated how he will carry out his preparation for the single-seaters with the new Formula 1 regulations: “I could start the season next week in Bahrain. But I am planning to have a different preparation next year, although not because the car is different.

“I think the cars will be very similar in terms of driving, power, lap times, etc., but because this winter, I couldn’t do proper preparation,” he said.

“This winter I want to do it a little bit more,” Alonso said. “Obviously I don’t train the same now at 40 as when I was 23. You have to train more. You have to stretch more, you have to have a different eating routine, you have to do a lot of other things to be in the same shape and with the same strength. “.

The Spaniard will be 41 years old in July, but it is not a burden for him. Knowing his physical condition, he will do everything he can to get the best of himself and fight for the third world title: “I’m ready to do it, that’s why I came back too. There are more sacrifices to make, but that’s the plan for this winter”.

“I will be as strong as I can, and I know that I will have to train and do more than other drivers, because I am older than them,” he concluded.

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