FunAre teenagers rebellious without a cause?

Are teenagers rebellious without a cause?

Behaviors that induce rebellion in the juvenile stage are influenced, among other things, by the necessary departure from parental protection that occurs in an angry way in some young people, until they manage to find their own clues. If the breakup is done in a fluid and natural way, they don't need to rebel. Some researchers attribute it to the changes that occur in the brain, still developing between the ages of 12 and 25. According to a study by neurologists Jay Giedd and Paul Thompson of the National Institute of Mental Health at the University of California, the area of the brain specialized in providing caution to behaviors does not fully mature until the age of 25. Tests of 1,800 American children and adolescents revealed that the most abrupt changes occur at the level of the frontal lobe, where the higher functions of reasoning and the will or ability to make decisions are located. Sociability and self-control can also be affected by these changes.

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