FunAre there really giant squid?

Are there really giant squid?

In 1851, the writer Hermann Melville included in his novel Moby Dick the description of a giant squid. At that time, this creature was considered almost a mythological being and many of the legends that circulated in Europe about its existence came from the Scandinavian sailors, who claimed to have sighted cephalopods as huge as a whale and capable of sinking a ship with their tentacles. .

The mystery was solved with the capture, in 1861, of a giant squid by a French military ship. Since then, the occasional specimen has accidentally fallen into the nets of fishermen who fish in the waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans, which has made it possible to study their anatomy. Today it is known that giant squid, scientifically called Architeutis dux , can reach up to 22 meters in length and weigh between 20 and 30 tons . Eight thin and robust tentacles three meters long and covered by a double row of suction cups, and another two up to 14 meters in length, which it uses to catch its prey.

To study the life of these sea giants, the Smithsonian Institution has sent a team of scientists to New Zealand led by zoologist Clyde Roper.

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