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Asylum for Michael Wendler and Laura Müller: scandal celebrity wants to help escape

The arrest warrant in Germany could also cause problems for Michael Wendler in the USA. In Brazil, the singer would be welcomed with open arms.

Florida – Michael Wendler (49) and Laura Müller (21) could soon get uncomfortable in their adopted home in the USA. Because with the arrest warrant, the USA could deny Wendler further stay. The singer’s creditors now fear that he will move to South America. And there he is evidently expected with open arms, knows RUHR24 *.

Surname Michael Wendler
Born June 22, 1972 (age 49), Dinslaken
Spouse Laura Müller (married. 2020), Claudia Norberg (married. 2009–2020)

Michael Wendler: That’s why he could flee the USA

The background to a possible escape to Brazil is a court case to which Michael Wendler did not appear in person several times. This involves around one million euros in debt with the tax office and other outstanding sums with various creditors. The district court of Dinslaken issued an arrest warrant for the pop singer in July.

The 49-year-old’s creditors currently fear that he could move to another country. A believer, Wendler’s long-time companion Timo Berger, expressed a specific suspicion to t-online. According to him, Michael Wendler could flee to Canada or South America.

The fact that Michael Wendler currently wants to sell his house in Cape Coral / Florida at a profit * seems to be a clear indication of a planned escape for the creditors. Maybe he and Laura Müller are trying to get money that way. Because according to the crude theories of her husband, the influencer is running out of advertising partners on Instagram *. Michael Wendler’s career has been put on hold anyway.

Will Michael Wendler soon flee to Brazil? Scandal celebrity wants to receive him there

After all: Should he decide to go to Brazil for his supposed escape, Michael Wendler would be welcomed there with open arms by an old friend. The scandal judge Ronald Schill (62) was already the roommate of the singer in 2014 on “Promi Big Brother” (Sat.1). He would also be happy to see him in his own neighborhood. For Michael Wendler, Brazil offers a decisive advantage: The country does not have an extradition agreement with Germany.

“Of course, I think it’s great that Wendler would like to come to Brazil. We know each other from Celebrity Big Brother 2014 and got along well there. He can contact me at any time. I put the city and the country at his feet, ”Schill told Bild .

Schill, who became known as “Richter Merciless” because of his harsh judgments, emigrated to Rio de Janeiro himself in 2006 and initially refused to testify before the parliamentary committee of inquiry of the Hamburg citizenship. Years later he made a name for himself again in TV programs – he was also seen on “Celebrities under Palms” (Sat.1).

Michael Wendler: Does Ronald Schill come out with his offer as a corona denier?

Michael Wendler and the judge have apparently been in contact since their first meeting and had already arranged a visit: “Michael had actually invited me to the USA, but that didn’t fit so far. Now we can also do it the other way around, ”Schill continues.

Ronald Schill


In 2014 Ronald Schill took part in “Celebrity Big Brother”.

That Schill continues to show public sympathy for the singer is surprising. Since Michael Wendler caused a stir, especially with crude corona statements and conspiracy theories, advertising partners as well as personal and professional companions have distanced themselves from him. Does the Schill also make a corona denier?

“Richter Gnadenlos” seems to separate the singer’s questionable Telegram channel from the private Wendler. “I regretted what he said about Corona. When a Schlager singer expresses himself about politics, something like that often comes out, ”said Schill. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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