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Barcelona puts a maximum of 35 million for the signing of Lewandowski

Barcelona is still trying to sign the Polish striker and still a Bayern Munich player, Robert Lewandoski . The striker ends his contract with the German club and current Bundesliga champion next season, and in statements by the attacker last weekend, he has no intention of renewing with the Bavarian team.

The Pole will turn 34 in August and for the Barça team his age is not a problem, since he watches his diet and trains outside the sports city. The Barcelona club hopes to meet with the German in the coming days and to reach an agreement for Lewandowski to wear the Barcelona shirt starting this summer.

Bayern have priced the striker at €75m, but the second-placed team in La Liga would be unwilling to offer more than €35m. The German league champion’s CEO, Oliver Kahn , acknowledged in an interview that they will not put him on It’s not easy for Barcelona if they want to take their star player. Money is a problem for the club led by Joan Laporta , which is close to financial bankruptcy after the debts they inherited from the old board.

Lewandowski has publicly shown his desire to play for the club led by Xavi, and would be willing to lower his salary considerably, going on to collect 16 million for the 22 he has in Munich to try to succeed in the League.

The Polish striker has achieved great records in recent seasons, adding a large number of goals between the Bundesliga, the German Cup and the Champions League. In the 2017/2018 season he added 41 goals, in 2018/2019, 37; 2019/2020, 48; 2020/2021, 46, and in the latter 48 goals, these figures being worthy of a superstar. In August 2020 he won the Champions League against PSG, being the top scorer in the competition that year with 15 goals.

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Barcelona puts a maximum of 35 million for the signing of Lewandowski

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