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Behavioral problems in domestic birds

The behavior problems of birds are more frequent in those that have a high “psyche”, that is, in those considered more intelligent. It is known that the most intelligent domestic birds are parrots, so they will be the ones with the greatest behavior problems due to their environment.

Suspecting that our downy colleague has a behavior problem, we must go immediately to the consultation of the veterinarian who specializes in downy beings to examine the animal and find the reason for such behavior change. On many occasions, complications that can be easily solved become complex because they do not attend the clinic in due time.

Among the main causes that give rise to a behavior problem we have:

Innate behaviors:all species of birds have behaviors “recorded” in their DNA that are given to them as a member of a specific poultry species. If any of these vital guidelines (feeding, reproduction …) conflicts with the lifestyle that we give them in our homes, problems and behavioral changes will arise.

Stimuli and environment:birds need to recognize a familiar environment, without surprises, predictable, in which they have a calm and monotonous life. In addition, they need to receive stimuli appropriate to their characteristics. If this does not happen and the bird encounters shocks in its day-to-day life or experiences an event that causes anxiety, the animal will generate its own routines (repeated behaviors or stereotypes) to provide tranquility to itself.

Footprint:imprinting is the “learning process that takes place in young animals during a short period of receptivity, which results in a stereotyped form of reaction to a model, which can be another living being or a mechanical toy”, according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. This allows an irrational being to identify itself as a living being of a particular species.

In the case of birds, this happens when the specimens reach thesensory maturity(sight, hearing …).

If it is an animal raised by hand, the imprint received “makes them believe” that they are people. This serious conflict causes that in adulthood and in reproductive periods they do not accept partners of their species since they “pretend” to maintain relationships with those they believe are of their species: people.

Aggression can be intraspecific or interspecific

Aggression can be triggered by an excess of individuals in the cage or in the aviary, either by competition for territory, fighting for food, fighting during the breeding season to get a mate, by the difficult behavior of a species , for the defense of the offspring … In all the cases mentioned, this obfuscated behavior is known as intraspecific because it will occur between individuals of the same species.

In the event that the aggressiveness is directed towards other species: against man, other pets that live in the home, etc., it is known as interspecific aggressiveness and is usually due to manipulation, fear or a bad experience that they have had with a being of that species.

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