NewsBlood deed near Oslo: man kills several people with...

Blood deed near Oslo: man kills several people with a bow and arrow – apparently different crime scenes

In Norway, there was an act of violence in Kongsberg. The police spoke of a man armed with a bow and arrow. Dead and injured are to be mourned.

Kongsberg – Several people were injured and killed in a blood attack in Norway. The Norwegian police announced this at a press conference on Wednesday evening. The act took place around 6:30 p.m. in the center of the city of Kongsberg, which is located around 80 kilometers southwest of Oslo.

The police could unfortunately confirm that there were several injuries and deaths, said the responsible police chief Øyvind Aas. Newspapers like Verdens Gang report at least four fatalities. The injured were taken to hospitals.

Blood deed in Norway: man armed with bow and arrow shoots at people in Kongsberg

Aas went on to say that it is apparently a retailer and that no further perpetrators are being sought. The man was allegedly armed with a bow and arrow and was arrested.

Apparently there were several crime scenes. According to Dagbladet, Aas spoke of “several crime scenes in a large area in the center of Kongsberg”. The food chain Coop confirmed to the newspaper that the incident also occurred in one of its branches. No employee was injured, it said.

Kongsberg: Police speak of several crime scenes

The motive is still unclear. It was too early to make any statements about it, said Aas. A terrorist attack can therefore neither be confirmed nor ruled out.

The crime in Kongsberg brings back memories of the worst attack in Norway’s history. Ten years ago Anders Behring Breivik first detonated a bomb in Oslo’s government district, killing eight people.

He then drove to the island of Utøya, about 30 kilometers away, and killed 69 other people. Also in Atlanta in the USA there was a bloody act with eight deaths this year.

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