FunCan everyone get a tattoo?

Can everyone get a tattoo?

There are people who should not get tattoos, because they can cause adverse reactions in the body. Tattoos, as well as piercings, cannot be performed on minors and are contraindicated in diabetics, pregnant women and in people with some type of active dermatosis , such as viral warts, herpes and bacterial infections, according to experts. They are also not advisable for those affected by psoriasis and lichen planus, a disease that causes rashes and recurrent itching on the skin or in the mouth. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to suffer keloid scars, that is, large scars with a bulging appearance, the unavoidable wounds caused by tattoos or piercing can leave marks that are not very aesthetic.

Finally, certain medications are incompatible with these body adornments. This is the case with isotretinoin , which is prescribed for the treatment of acne; and anticoagulants , which reduce the clotting capacity of the blood and, therefore, prevent the healing of wounds caused by the tattoo machine or by the piercing incision. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is best to consult with your doctor before deciding to draw or pierce your body.

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