FunCan wolves be tamed?

Can wolves be tamed?

Cubs reared in contact with humans reproduce with them the typical family pattern of canids. Thus, they immediately identify the alpha male and female, who correspond to the dominant individuals of the herd, and seek their place in it, which may be behind the companion animal with which they have been raised, such as a dog and even a cat. Now, the wolf is not a meek creature , since it is enough for a person or another strange animal to appear in its environment to awaken its territorial instinct and unleash a strong attack against the intruder. In addition, adult males also struggle to occupy the alpha position, even if it is occupied by a human being. The domesticated image of the wolf was popularized by Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente (1928-1980), who managed to become the head of a group of seven.

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Unknown colourfulness

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Apart from that, everything worked like a picture book for the railway world record in Switzerland