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Car sales in Mexico register second best month in May

Car sales in Mexico rebounded during May, but are still far from the historical highs registered before the pandemic.

In May, 91,215 units were sold to the public in the domestic market. For its part, in the period January-May 2022, 428,056 units were sold, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

And, although May became the second best month of the year in car sales within Mexico, it is insufficient for the recovery of the sector. At this time of year, in 2021, 431,836 units had already been sold, almost 1% more than in the current period.

However, 2022 is the best May since 2019 in terms of vehicle sales in the domestic market. In 2020 only 42,034 units were sold; in 2021, 86,710 and in May of this year 91,215 cars were sold.

Still, it's far from pre-pandemic levels and the high of 2017, when 123,429 cars were sold in the same month.

To date, March is the best month of the year for car sales in Mexico. In that month, 95,199 units were sold; that is, 19.5% more than in February, when 79,598 vehicles were sold, according to figures from the Administrative Registry of the Light Vehicle Automotive Industry.

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