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Cathy Hummels announces a big visual change – now everyone is laughing at her

Cathy Hummels has announced a makeover on Instagram. But that seems to have failed, find their fans.

NRW – Even in times of the corona pandemic, many people should not miss going to the hairdresser. With influencer Cathy Hummels (33), however, this action triggers unexpected reactions, as reported by RUHR24 *.

moderator Cathy Hummels
Born January 31, 1988 (age 33), Dachau
Spouse Mats Hummels (married 2015)
children Ludwig Hummels

Cathy Hummels: hairdresser appointment instead of quarantine – makeover puzzles fans on Instagram

As an influencer, Cathy Hummels * attaches great importance to her appearance. But a current change seems to inspire the BVB player herself more than her fans.

The 33-year-old seems to experience a lot in her everyday life. After returning from her TV shoot for “Kampf der Realitystars”, Cathy Hummels was able to do without the quarantine and therefore quickly settled in again in Munich. Now a visit to your hairdresser should give you new momentum. But the surprise announced on Instagram is apparently more of a disappointment for Cathy Hummels’ followers.

With the Instagram photo from Saturday (May 1), the wife of defensive player Mats Hummels (32) aroused the guessing fever of her followers. In the snapshot, she shows herself during a visit to the hairdresser after a negative corona test. In addition, Cathy Hummels lets her fans ponder the extent to which her appearance will change.

Cathy Hummels after change – fans scoff at BVB player’s wife on Instagram

But instead of compliments, Cathy Hummels mainly received ridicule for the makeover. On Sunday (May 3rd) the influencer presented the result on Instagram. “Now I’m just super happy. It looks natural without looking made, ”she tells her fans under the accompanying Instagram video.

In the Instagram video, Cathy Hummels uses various camera tricks to show different looks such as purple-colored hair and also suggests a haircut there, for example. But the result seems sobering for many social media users. Because instead of a new hairstyle, there are blonde highlights and light waves for the 33-year-old. For the viewers of the video, it’s a barely noticeable difference.

Mat Hummels und Cathy Hummels stehen zusammen bei einer Gala


BVB player’s wife Cathy Hummels likes to be elegant, like here with husband Mats Hummels.

“Oh my god, that you dared to change yourself like that – irony”, “You really see zero difference” and “When will the photo with the new hairstyle come” comment the fans, sometimes ironically, under the Instagram post of Models. To the message “And where is the change? Unfortunately not to be seen “, Cathy Hummels has an answer ready:” Take a closer look. “

Cathy Hummels: After surprising comments on Instagram – how do husband and son react?

How husband Mats Hummels and their offspring reacted to the change is not yet known. But after Ludwig Hummels had to do without mom Cathy for several weeks because of her TV shoot in Thailand *, the little one will probably just be happy to have his mother with him again.

Even if Cathy Hummels’ followers can hardly see the difference to the appearance before the hairdresser visit, the BVB player woman seems to feel really comfortable with her visual change. In her Instagram story, the 33-year-old presents herself with the subtly changed hair color when she takes her fans a look behind the scenes of the filming of new yoga films.

Video: Cathy Hummels publishes surprising shots on Instagram

Shortly before, Cathy Hummels had shown a new side on Instagram. Without a digital filter or make-up, the model presented herself to the fans quite naturally. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network .

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