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Common mistakes we make with the cat tray

For cats it is very important to have a quiet place to relieve themselves, as it is in their DNA to try to hide all traces of theirs from potential predators, even in domestic cats. The ideal place for this (and the most comfortable and clean also for us) is the sandbox. But, how to choose the most suitable for our cat? And how do we make sure they are comfortable and wear it daily? Our veterinarian Pablo Hernández explains it in this video.

It is essential that we get used to our cat from puppyhood to always use the tray . The first factor that we must take into account when choosing the sandbox is that there are open and closed trays; depending on the cat’s preferences, he will be more comfortable with one or the other. In any case, we will have to make sure that the size is right for our cat and it can do its things comfortably.

Another important detail is cleanliness ; It has to be an easy-to-clean tray, not only for us, but because the cat will surely reject a tray that is not well cleaned. For this reason, the most common mistakes when choosing the litter box are usually the size (it has to be able to turn on itself comfortably), not cleaning it well if it is closed (the strong smell will repel you) and a sudden change in the type. of sand we use.

But how to make our cat feel comfortable and use his tray? In the first place, if we observe a sudden change in his behavior in this regard, and he suddenly begins to relieve himself outside the sandbox, we will have to consult with the veterinarian, because sometimes these sudden changes respond to some disease or stress .

Once this possibility is ruled out, we must ask ourselves several questions: Have we moved it? Have we relaxed with your cleaning? Do you have enough sand? Do we leave him enough privacy? That may be the key.

Finally, there are some tips to teach the puppy to use the litter box, how to buy a large litter box from the beginning; This way, it won’t have to be changed when it grows up, and it won’t be dislodged. It is also a good idea to use a litter that is not perfumed , as many cats reject it, be less strict with cleaning the first days, so that the kitten identifies its smell, and, if it does not go by itself, place it ourselves in the sandbox. And, of course, it never hurts to use positive reinforcement and reward them .

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