Although in the eyes of humans, this behavior is absolutely incomprehensible , in dogs it can be considered “normal”.

It is evident that no owner “likes” to see how their dog ingests his own feces, or even worse, those of other congeners or other animal species.

Coprophagia in puppies, according to the “presumed understood” means that the animal does not ingest enough vitamins, that it needs calcium, that it does not eat enough or well … nothing is further from the truth …

The puppy’s tireless interest in everything that appears in front of his nose and his eyes, makes the effluvia given off by his feces, generate interest, and simply taste what smells like the way dogs taste things: putting them in the mouth.

This behavior usually disappears the same way it appears: without the need for owner intervention; our only function is to try to remove the excrement from the reach of the animal and keep it under control during the walks so that it does not reach other …

In the case of adults, there is an interest in the smell of feces (their own, of other animals … human …), for their “components”, and also for various behavioral problems; In the case of adults, the ingestion of their own feces is usually something closely related to the lack of exercise, of stimulation … something that is observed too many times in dogs that spend their lives in the front of the chalet, in dogs “of farms ”…

Oddly enough, this “weird swallowing behavior” goes away with a little more exercise and daily attention.

When in doubt, as always, consult with professionals.

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