NewsCorona: are the old ungrateful?

Corona: are the old ungrateful?

At the beginning of the corona pandemic, the young withdrew for the old. And now? Are the old people vaccinated and want their freedoms back? It is mainly the tone that irritates the younger generation.

Berlin / Cologne (dpa) – The satirist and Jan Böhmermann author Sebastian Hotz – better known by his Twitter name El Hotzo – has recently made a certain age group the target of his gags.

In a tweet, the 25-year-old over 60-year-olds who refused a vaccination with Astrazeneca, got Biontech instead and now after 14 months of home office are wondering in which Baltic resort they would prefer to eat fish sandwiches. True to the motto “My pension is safe and climate change only kicks in after my death”.

Some call it the envy debate, others the justice debate. In any case, it is currently the most explosive debate of all. The core question is: Are the old ungrateful and selfish? The line of argument goes something like this: At the beginning of the pandemic, the young withdrew to protect the old. At that time, young people only ended up sporadically in intensive care units, while older people were at high risk.

Still, the boys lagged behind. Schoolchildren contented themselves with distance lessons. For high school graduates, the graduation trip, the Abi-Gag, the last day of school and the Abi-Ball were canceled. The big party for your 18th birthday? Just a dream! In the fall, students began their studies in the solitude of their children’s room with a laptop on their knees. They are now in their second semester, but they still haven’t seen the inside of a university. Even after the pandemic, they will not be able to catch up on freshman celebrations and much more. That remains a void in life. The corona gap.

They took all of this upon themselves. And now? If the elderly are of course preferred for the vaccination, they are the most at risk. So far still okay. But what about those people over 60 who turned down Astrazeneca because they “didn’t feel good” about it? Although the state of the art is that Astrazeneca only poses a low risk for younger people, but is without reservation a first-class vaccine for older people?

This attitude irritates Lasse Petersdotter (31), vice-parliamentary group of the Greens in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament, as much as the current focus of the Corona debate: Are you allowed to go to the theater, yes or no? When do the restaurants open for vaccinated people? “The fact that those who then serve the white wine spritzer there are mostly younger people, for whom the risk situation has not really changed, does not appear in the discussion. I can understand why this brings a grudge. We have to make sure that the generations stay together, ”says Petersdotter.

Is the consequence that vaccinated people should stay at home out of solidarity with the non-vaccinated? “No,” says the SPD politician and health expert Karl Lauterbach of the German Press Agency. “There is no medical and therefore no legal basis for this. As a rule, those who have been vaccinated are no longer infected. And if you do get infected, you are usually no longer contagious. That is why it is right to give those vaccinated back their freedom. ”Says the person who has had the reputation of being a joke for a good year. Now the Cologne resident keeps up with the saying: “Mer must och younger künne!” (You also have to be able to indulge).

Lasse Petersdotter can also indulge. “The freedom of the younger generation does not come about when the elderly renounce their basic rights. That’s not a question at all. But I expect the older generation in particular to understand how tired and sometimes angry young people are about the measures that continue to restrict them. ”He demands more appreciation, more attention. “Where can young people be right now? They cannot go to school, they cannot do sports, exit restrictions may apply in the evening, and then please do not sit in front of the PC. It looks like you could just do it wrong. “

How strongly this affects the psyche of many younger people is shown by the representative study “Generation Corona” by pronova BKK, for which 1000 young people between the ages of 16 and 29 were surveyed. According to this, more than half of the under 30-year-olds feel sad or depressed more often than a year ago. 52 percent complain of inner unrest. Young women in particular are currently sad more often – 63 percent complain about it. They lack personal contact and a warm hug. 60 percent of those under 30 say that their physical fitness suffered during the Corona crisis. 58 percent lack sporting activities in the group.

Against this background, the medical ethicist Christiane Woopen demands: “The young generation now deserves the solidarity of society so that they can lead a normal life again as quickly as possible.” For the chairman of the European Ethics Council, this means that vaccination Mobile should not only head for socially disadvantaged neighborhoods, but also schoolyards and university campuses. Or that the vaccination centers are opening up specifically for 16 to 25 year olds as well as for parents of younger children.

The Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) announced the lifting of the vaccination prioritization on June 7th, Woopen is critical: “If such a valuable commodity like vaccine is scarce, then it should be distributed according to criteria of fairness and not left to a free race. “Because that should benefit those who have the best access and the best connections. As a rule, the boys are not.

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