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Curiosities about the Siberian cat, the king of the snows – Provenance

The Siberian cat is one of the most spectacular feline breeds due to its abundant fur and imposing appearance. It is also one of the most common with semi-long hair, since its popularity has grown over the years and the multiple crosses with other breeds, both long and short hair and especially with the Roman or common European cat have been making it more recognizable to our eyes.

Being of natural origin, created without human intervention , it is a strong breed, of good health and a calm, faithful and active character, although it will keep its moments alone as a good feline that it is. It is a good home cat, as it gets along well with children and is quite affectionate, as well as intelligent. Although calm, he likes to play and that is why he will be a good adventure companion for children (but always respecting their independence!).

Their musculature is strong but elongated, and despite what it may seem from their imposing appearance, they are quite agile and fast and like to be active. Their eyes are large and round, and they do not have a characteristic color, being able to be blue (especially in the Neva masquerade variant), green, brown … and they give them a great personality .

As for the care, as they do not have specific health problems in the breed, with the usual visits to the vet and (quite important) a weekly brushing will suffice; we must bear in mind that the abundance of its fur will make tangles frequent, so we must keep it well cared for.

It is one of the most outgoing and communicative feline breeds and they have a great ability to learn “tricks”; they are easy to educate and are not problematic at all. He likes to be with his family and, although he likes to be alone, he also needs affection and attention.

As a curiosity, in summer the Siberian cat can lose a large part of its fur due to molting , coming to look like a short-haired feline, and it is especially around the neck and in the chest area where the greatest amount is concentrated. of hair, giving it that “necklace” look.

Affectionate , active, playful, balanced, agile and impressive-looking. Do you want to know more about the Siberian cat?

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