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Deceased mini cow recognized as the smallest cow in the world

The mini cow Rani was just 50.8 centimeters high – that made her a media star in Bangladesh. Now it has also been named by the Guiness Book of Records.

Dhaka – The mini cow Rani has been named the smallest cow in the world by the Guinness Book of Records – more than a month after her death.

Their owner Kazi Abu Sufian in Bangladesh told the German press agency that he was informed by Guinness on Monday night. The Guinness website states that Rani was 50.8 centimeters high.

In July, thousands of people wanted to see the almost two-year-old animal on a farm southwest of the capital Dhaka, despite a nationwide corona lockdown, after Sufian stated that it was the smallest cow ever. Photos of the mini cow went viral. After a certain time, Sufian closed the gates to the visitors. The cow, which was smaller than many dogs, died of food poisoning on August 19, said the farm’s manager Tanvir Hasan.

Rani was bought by a cattle dealer in the north of Bangladesh last year and now lives with 152 cattle on the farm. During the day, the animal, which is almost 59 centimeters long and weighs 26 kilograms, lived together with its larger conspecifics; it stayed in a separate, more comfortable area.

According to the head of the responsible regional cattle authority, Sajedul Islam, it was unlikely that the small Bhutti cow would continue to grow even before the death of the small Bhutti cow – the short stature probably came from inbreeding (genetic inbreeding depletion). Such animals generally lived shorter than their own species and were more likely to have diseases. dpa

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