NewsDog finds his twin going for a walk and...

Dog finds his twin going for a walk and begs his mistress to take him home

Dog Rogue finds his twin going for a walk and begs his mistress Bethany to take him home. The internet is thrilled by an incredibly beautiful story from the States.

It was a normal day when my mistress Bethany Coleman (39) from Honolulu (Hawai) went for a walk with her dog Rogue. Little did she know that it would be the happiest day in her dog’s life, as * reports.

Because when they passed an animal shelter with the dog Rogue, the four-legged friend discovered another dog who looked exactly like himself – almost as if it were his twin. Dog Rogue was beside himself, wagging his tail wildly and begging his mistress to take his “twin” home with her.

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Actually, Bethany didn’t want a second dog at this point. But out of love for Rogue, she adopted his “twin”, who looked exactly like Rogue. His name was Beast. For Rogue and Twin it was love at first sight: The two four-legged friends play together every day, spend a lot of time with their mistress on the beach and fall asleep together. The two four-legged friends are inseparable today.

Rogue and Beast now even have their own Instagram page with 1870 subscribers. They have long been internet stars on Facebook in the USA. The post about her story was shared over 1000 times and got over 23,000 likes.

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