NewsDolomites: adder attack - hiker made this mistake

Dolomites: adder attack – hiker made this mistake

A hiker was bitten by a poisonous snake because of a crucial mistake in the Dolomites and had to be taken to a clinic by helicopter.

Last weekend there was a rescue operation with a helicopter in the Dolomites. The reason: a hiker was bitten by a poisonous snake. As reported by , a 25-year-old Italian tourist was out and about on Saturday (August 21) between the Saltner Hut (Cason) and Innerraschötz on the Raschötz Alm in the municipality of Ortisei (Val Gardena).

On his hike through the Dolomites, the 25-year-old then met an adder. The adder is also found in Germany * and, along with the aspic viper, is one of two poisonous snakes native to the country. If an adder bites, it can quickly become dangerous, as reported by * .

In general, snakes, especially poisonous snakes, should not be touched or disturbed, as this would make them feel threatened and bite. But that is exactly what the Italian hiker tried to do in South Tyrol and touched the adder.

Val Gardena: Hikers attacked and bitten by adder

As expected, the snake bitten and injured the 25-year-old. According to reports from, the hand swelled quickly, which is why an emergency call was set. A short time later, an emergency doctor’s helicopter landed with a rescue worker from the Val Gardena mountain rescue service. The Italian hiker received first aid from the emergency doctor and then flown to the Bolzano hospital.

The adder

The adder ( Vipera berus ) is a venomous snake of Eurasia from the family of the vipers (Viperidae). An adder is between 50 and 70 centimeters tall, but in extreme cases it can also be up to 90 centimeters long.

The most striking feature of the drawing is a dark zigzag band on the back. The basic color of the adder is very variable and ranges from silver-gray and yellow to light and dark gray, brown, blue-gray, orange, red-brown and copper-red to black.

An adder bite can cause large swellings around the bite site, the area can also discolour bluish, the nerve toxins can lead to shortness of breath and heart problems as well as paralysis. In children or immunocompromised people, the bite can quickly become life-threatening.

A tragic incident reported by * shows how dangerous the bite of an adder is. A 12-year-old was also bitten by an adder * and suffered breathing difficulties from the snake’s poison. By the way: The adder is one of the 12 most dangerous animals in Germany.

Man is bitten by a poisonous snake – rescue helicopter in action

After a snakebite, the most important thing is to react correctly and quickly. If it is a venomous snake, like the adder, it is even more important to remember what the snake looked like so that doctors can react accordingly. There is an antidote for many venomous snakes – but it is important that the correct dose is administered.

In films and series there is often wrong action and they serve as a negative example of what should not be done in the event of a snakebite. For example, the corresponding part of the body with the bite wound should not be tied off: Unfortunately, the binding of extremities usually leads to the poison spreading faster in the body – exactly the opposite of what is intended.

It is just as dangerous to cool or warm the bite wound. In addition, according to, no attempt should be made to suck out the poison or even to burn it out. Instead, you should behave as calmly as possible. Because movement ensures that snake venom spreads faster in the body. In any case, the wound should be treated and the emergency call should be dialed as soon as possible – as with the adder bite in the Dolomites. If a poisonous snake is sighted in your own garden *, the police advise you to keep your distance and to dial 110 in Germany. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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