FunNature & AnimalDomestic bird health problems. Viruses and poisonings

Domestic bird health problems. Viruses and poisonings

Parasitic and viral problems

There are a large number of parasites and microorganisms of all kinds that can affect birds in different ways and seriously. It would be practically impossible to detail each of the pathologies that these agents cause, so we will make a brief summary below.

Viruses: Diseases caused by viruses are difficult to diagnose and impossible to treat. If it occurs, only treatments that try to combat the symptoms and improve the condition of the animal will be applied. Among the best known viruses are Newcastle disease (paramyxovirus), Pacheco disease (herpesvirus), reovirus, adenovirus, poxvirus …

Chlamydia: in this section it is important to highlight psittacosis, a zoonosis (transmissible disease to man) caused by Chlamidia psittaci. This pathology is transmitted through the air through feather dust, feces and nasal secretions from sick animals. It affects more young specimens and generally the disease is not accompanied by obvious symptoms.

Parasites: the parasites of birds do not usually cause serious problems to the specimens that suffer from them. They usually produce itching, loss of feathers, scabs and in parakeets it is common in the wax of the beak, in the beak, eyelids, legs. Among the most common are mites. Diagnosis is straightforward and treatment usually gives excellent results.

Problems due to toxic substances can be easily prevented

Most of the poisonings suffered by birds could have been avoided if the owner knew what the problem substances are and was very aware of the curious nature of all those birds that live in semi-freedom and the proper location of the cage.

We can classify the different poisonings:

Inhalation: kitchen fumes from fumes from Teflon pans, burning oils, tobacco smoke, car fumes (poultry in garages), paint and solvent fumes or certain air fresheners can be some of the causes of serious poisoning.

· Due to heavy metals: lead and zinc are very toxic if they are ingested by the animal. This happens when birds that enjoy outdoor trips peck at objects made with these materials (coins, chains, toys, paints, batteries and even certain defective galvanizing of some cages).

By food: caffeine from coffee and certain soft drinks (in large quantities), chocolate (from a component called theobromine), salt from pipes, peanuts and nuts in general (with salt, obviously), drinks with Alcohol and avocado for some parrots, can cause poisoning.

· By insecticides, pesticides …: most insecticides for domestic use are toxic to birds. Among the commonly used disinfectants, the most toxic are bleach, ammonia, and products containing quaternary ammonium and pentachlorophenol.

· By plants: among the plants that can cause poisoning are diphenbachia, poinsettia, oleander, azaleas, yew and tobacco, which if bitten or ingested produces intoxications due to the action of nicotine.

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