NewsDonald Trump on cybercrime: "The US should just stop...

Donald Trump on cybercrime: "The US should just stop using computers"

Cybercrime is a common problem. Now someone interferes who apparently has an opinion on everything and everyone: Donald Trump.

Washington – Companies and even entire states are repeatedly hit by far-reaching cyber attacks. Data is stolen or encrypted in order to extort a ransom. For years, experts have been warning of an increase in these criminal acts, especially from Russia. It’s a complex topic that even experts get confused about.

But that doesn’t stop someone like Donald Trump from commenting on it. After all, he was already the victim of a hacker attack. And he also knows a lot about password security. His solution to the problem is as simple as it is ingenious: “The US should just stop using computers,” Trump said in an interview with the Fox News.

Donald Trump: Going back to the “good old days”

“You just have to go back,” Trump revealed his deep understanding of the digital world and its challenges. After all, you can just write everything on paper. And besides, he doesn’t have to know everything, because he knows a proven expert. “You know, I have a son who is so good at computers,” said Trump. “He can make these things sing and when you do all these things on the Internet and in all these machines, you don’t see a piece of paper.”

In one of his confused interviews in a long time, Donald Trump showed how much he apparently understands about digitization. “Young people, you can’t walk without a computer,” he said. Except that he himself was known to be an excessive social media user before almost all services banned him. Even then he tried to set up our own blog. Of course there are also people who try to break into these systems. But then you just need a lot more security, says Trump. But the self-proclaimed “genius” could not explain exactly how to achieve this.

Cybercrime: Donald Trump is puzzling over how it even works

Then Trump tried to find out in a loud self-talk, how extortion with ransomware actually works. It was only when Fox business host Stuart Varney jumped to his aid and tried to explain to him that this was mostly done via cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, did Trump seem to understand. Only to then go back to one of his almost patented tirades. “It’s another beauty,” he said of digital currencies. “The currency of this world should be the dollar.” And called for the currencies to be regulated more closely. (as)

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