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Drosten: A decision against vaccination is a decision for your own corona infection

The corona virus will no longer go away, says Christian Drosten. At some point everyone is immune – everyone can decide which way to get there.

Berlin – The virologist Christian Drosten suspects that in the next one and a half years the population in Germany will be immune to the corona virus. Either through a vaccination or through natural infection, according to the scientist from the Berlin Charité in the “Coronavirus Update” podcast on Tuesday. “This virus will become endemic, it won’t go away. And anyone who now actively decides not to be vaccinated, for example, will inevitably become infected. ”There is nothing that can be done about this due to the increasingly withdrawn measures.

The coronavirus will continue to circulate in the population, for example unnoticed in the throat of vaccinated people or in smaller children who cannot yet be vaccinated. “The virus will continue to spread unrecognized under a blanket of immune protection. And then it always meets people who are not immunized by a vaccination, who are fully receptive. “

Christian Drosten: The decision against vaccination is the decision for corona infection

Drosten estimates that there will still be Covid 19 patients in the intensive care units in the coming winter. “Those who actively decide against the vaccination must know that they are also actively opting for the natural infection. Without any evaluation, ”said Drosten. It is a free choice.

Drosten was already confident on Monday (May 10th, 2021). From June the vaccinations against Corona will have a noticeable effect for the first time and the first effects will be visible. “The summer can be quite good in Germany,” said the virologist in the ZDF magazine’s heute journal. As soon as the young, very mobile people are vaccinated, the situation will consolidate strongly, Drosten said on Tuesday. The young people have a special role in the spread of the virus.

The flu wave could be severe – Drosten calls for broad vaccination of vulnerable groups

At the same time, it is to be feared that the next flu wave will be difficult if one does not counteract this with vaccinations, said Drosten. The background to this is that the usual wave of influenza did not materialize last autumn and winter. The corona measures contributed to this.

Drosten assumes that vulnerable groups should be generously vaccinated against Corona in the autumn. This vaccination campaign could be combined with a vaccination against the flu. “Someone who is at risk for influenza also has this risk for Covid,” says the virologist.

Drosten on Indian Corona mutant: “We can inoculate against it”

Drosten does not see any particular distribution advantage in Germany for the Indian Corona variant. The mutation B1.617. At the end of April he called the mutant who was “overrated in the media evaluation”. Instead, the main thing is the vaccination progress towards autumn. It is not yet possible to predict which variant will prevail by then or which will appear again. He also assures that the mutations do not threaten a new pandemic. Drosten suspects that we will also be “protected against these viruses in terms of symptoms” by means of vaccinations to boost them.

The mutant from India is said to be slightly less affected by vaccination and immunity. “The virus is a bit more fit, but that doesn’t mean at all that it poses a huge immediate threat to us. And Drosten continues: “We can inoculate against it. We are no longer as defenseless as last year at this time. “(Sebsatian Richter)

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