NewsElectric scooters in Hamburg cause controversy - stricter rules...

Electric scooters in Hamburg cause controversy – stricter rules and parking areas soon?

The e-scooters were already a big controversy when they were introduced two years ago. Now the balance sheet: You missed your target and are causing a lot of trouble.

Hamburg – Electric scooters have been a hot topic in Hamburg since they were introduced two years ago. Now the debate is getting loud again and politicians are forced to act. Heike Sudmann, citizen representative of the Left, and Dirk Lau, association spokesman for the bicycle club ADFC, criticize the inconsiderate behavior of many e-scooter drivers and the handicap for other road users. * reveals here which strict measures could now threaten electric scooter drivers.

On the one hand, Sudmann and Lau want designated parking areas, stricter controls by the police and better education for e-scooter drivers on how to behave in traffic. On the other hand, it is important to discuss that e-scooters have so far missed their target and neither replace car traffic nor otherwise contribute to more sustainable mobility. Dennis Krämer, spokesman for the authority for traffic and mobility, announces that the city of Hamburg is now working nationwide to find better and more uniform regulations for e-scooters. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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