NewsEntertainer and talk show host: Alfred Biolek has died

Entertainer and talk show host: Alfred Biolek has died

Alfred Biolek has died: this was announced by his adopted son. The presenter was 87 years old.

Cologne – The entertainer Alfred Biolek is dead. He died on Friday morning. The former TV presenter and talk show host fell asleep peacefully in his Cologne apartment, said his adoptive son Scott Biolek-Ritchie of the dpa. Biolek had been in poor health for a long time *. He was 87 years old.

TV legend Biolekt dies: he pioneered talk and cooking shows

Biolek is considered one of the pioneers of talk and cooking shows in Germany. He was closely associated with the WDR. With Rudi Carrell, for example, he developed the Saturday evening show “Amlauf Band”, the most successful show of the 1970s. At the same time, he gained his first experience of moderation at the “Kölner Treff” and in 1978 got his own program, “Bio’s Bahnhof”. This made the entertainer the first presenter to swing the wooden spoon live on TV. The father of cooking shows, so to speak, long before today’s greats like Steffen Henssler or Tim Mälzer.

After that he was constantly present on German television for 30 years. It was its own brand with three letters: Bio. His era only ended in 2007 with the last episode of the cooking show “alfredissimo”, in which he had stood at the stove with guests for many years, chatting and tasting wine. “Interesting” was his verdict mostly when a cooked celebrity creation did not quite meet his expectations. In addition to his cooking show, Biolek also revolutionized the talk world on television. In “Boulevard Bio” he spoke to prominent guests from 1994 to 2003 and elicited anecdotes from them. He spoke to greats like Helmut Kohl, Gerhard Schröder and Britney Spears. When Biolek ended his television career with “alfredissimo”, he said: “My time is over now”.

Alfred Biolek – since 2010 he lived in seclusion, but without fear of death

In 2010, he suffered severe skull injuries when he fell off a spiral staircase and fell into a coma. Since then he has lived quite withdrawn in Cologne. One of his two adopted sons had died in April at the age of only 58 *.

In June 2017, Alfred Biolek spoke about getting older in an interview. He told SZ Magazin : “I have no complaints, my back, internal organs, everything is fine, sometimes my knee pinches, but I don’t take any medication, only calcium and vitamin tablets.” And he also revealed that death “doesn’t uncomfortable ”to find. He said, “Well, I’m still looking forward to a few more years, but at some point, in my late eighties or early nineties, it can all come to an end.”

As he explained back then, Biolek himself was no longer behind the stove. He no longer feels fit enough, thinking and standing too much is too strenuous for him. (dpa / frs / jh)

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