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Euthanasia in cats, how to make the decision to let go

Nobody asks these questions when, full of enthusiasm, he adopts an animal. A life full of happiness, meows and good company awaits us. But living things, by their very nature, are exposed to disease, deterioration, and eventually death. When we look into the eyes of our little kitten we must be aware that he will grow old and these things will come.

Those of us who have acquired an animal, whatever its species, whatever its age and where it comes from, we have done so by accepting responsibilities towards it from the beginning and this commitment should last throughout its life. Among other things, we will have to face any illnesses that may befall him and we will seek all the care that is in our power to restore him.

One of the most difficult decisions and the greatest show of love

However, there comes a time when situations of illness or vital deterioration arise in which nothing can be done or in which the life of the animal that we have under our responsibility will no longer be a dignified life.

And here we run into ethical pitfalls, from religious prejudices or respect for life at all costs, to the authentic cowardice of not having the courage to decide, under the responsibility of before, what to do with our pet in an irreversible and dramatic situation. , often with the addition of suffering.

There are those who cannot be brave and prolong the life of the animal due to the selfishness of continuing to want to have it by their side, perhaps forgetting that we are already hurting it. In any case, it is a delicate matter and it is not our intention to judge anyone without knowing their history.

Veterinarians are very often faced with the situation of a terminally ill cat or dog, having to explain it to a distraught owner who is sometimes unable to decide due to his own confusion.

Fortunately, in my view, professionals in charge of animal welfare , specifically veterinarians, have the legal possibility of ending the unnecessary suffering of a non-rational animal, always with the consent of the human who has lived with him.

Euthanasia is the evolution of the set of two Greek words, “eu” and “thanatos”, and means “good death”, and this is how we try to act in these cases: with the greatest delicacy, avoiding trauma and added suffering to the sick animal. And, consequently, to his human family.

If you were forced to make this decision, you know that it is one of the hardest of your life, if not the most, but it is also the greatest act of love you will ever do.

If you are in this moment now, we send you our strength, courage and understanding. Our little ones give us all the love and attention they know how to give us for many years and this is the time to return so much unconditional love. If the law allows euthanasia with terminal animals, let’s give them that last gift. They will never, never leave our side.

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