FunNature & AnimalFats: what they are and where they go

Fats: what they are and where they go

Fats, as nutrients, are not just what we imagine when we mention the word FAT, as a “thick” piece of bacon. Fats as nutrients have other presentations and appear in both animal products and plant products.

When the food enters the mouth of our pet, it is being the first step of “battery charging” since the fats in the food have the primary function of being the energy of the entire organism. When cells receive this nutrient, they can continue to work and perform their important functions. Without energy it would be impossible, without fat as a nutrient, the body would stop "working".

  • Undoubtedly its consumption in excess can lead to an unsightly and pathological obesity. Like almost everything in life, what is necessary and just is good and what is excessive is usually worse. Fats are essential, yes, in just the right amount.

Energy, its important intervention in cell membranes, the quality of skin and hair … All these points would be a disaster without the intervention of fats and fatty acids.

Finally, comment that fats tend to deteriorate easily (oxidation – rancidity) so that almost all commercial foods contain antioxidants to prevent this problem. If our pet ate rancid food, it could suffer more than annoying liver and pancreatic alterations.

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