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Feeding a puppy

There are not a few pet owners who continually complain about how poorly their pets eat. Legions of people curse their bad luck for having a rude, capricious and definitely annoying “bug” at home. What none or very few of these owners consider is their great part of fault in the matter, rare is the one who willingly assumes their clear responsibility in the education of their pet and anecdotally associate the unnecessary “pecking” (meat , pastries, rice, macaroni, leftovers …) as the cause that your pet is impossible to please, not even with the most exquisite, tasty and appetizing foods.

It is called weaning when we must remove the puppies from maternal feeding and start with commercial feeding. This process is usually done gradually from three weeks of age . A good way is to introduce between feedings of breast milk shots of dry puppy food soaked with water or some of the specific foods already moistened. Complete weaning will be effective between four and six weeks of age. At this time we will not allow the puppy to make any breast milk intake, since on that date it will exclusively consume puppy food.

The food that we will give to the puppies must be specifically formulated for this purpose and should never be supplemented with calcium and vitamins unless the veterinarian recommends otherwise. We must also avoid “wonderful mixtures” (horse meat, whole egg, carrot, condensed milk, honey …) that only make the animal become a chronic capricious or “enjoy” various problems caused by the spectacular imbalance nutritional.

To know the amount the animal should consume, we will consult the manufacturer’s instructions and we will rely on the experience of the veterinarian. In many cases, animals from the same litter with the same weight and appearance need different amounts of feed (up to 45%) while maintaining the same weight and growth. The number of meals will be greater at the beginning (between three and five), progressively decreasing to two a day when its development ends. The puppy must always have clean and fresh water.

The first months of our new friend’s life are of vital importance and we must assume that the decisions we make regarding his diet and general education will be a clear reflection of customs and health for the rest of his life.

When a new animal enters the world, its diet during the first days of life is of vital importance. They should take colostrum (first milk secretion) as soon as possible, since with it they receive 90% of the immunity. These nourishing defenses will allow you to defend yourself against infectious agents until you receive your vaccinations.

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