SportF1Formula 1 prays for the continuity of Lewis Hamilton

Formula 1 prays for the continuity of Lewis Hamilton

After the most exciting World Cup ever, Formula 1 dreams of having more races at the limit, more even cars and the best drivers in the world. Executives at Liberty Media , who have been racking their brains for five years and looking for formulas to reactivate the interest of fans, that is, television audiences, have everything under control except for one thing: the future of Lewis Hamilton .

“I am confident that Hamilton will recharge his batteries and come back with more enthusiasm than before winning an eighth world title,” said F1 CEO Stefano Domenicalli this week. The words of the former Ferrari boss confirm that in the competition they have their fingers crossed and pray not to hear some very feared words coming from the mouth of the English driver: ‘I leave it’.

That supposed withdrawal is what Lewis Hamilton has in mind according to one of the most authoritative voices in Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone. The old boss of the Grand Circus is sure that the seven-time world champion has lost his will after the dramatic outcome of the World Cup in Abu Dhabi and has reaffirmed this after a conversation with his father, Anthony Hamilton.

As many voices are raised around him, Lewis Hamilton remains immersed in his vow of silence two weeks after losing his eighth world title on the last lap of the final race of the season. He has a contract for the next two World Cups with Mercedes , but the uncertainty grows in view of his stealth.

It is not something new. Last winter also kept all of Formula 1 on edge and did not confirm its renewal until February. On the verge of turning 37, he is at the last great crossroads of his career: redouble his efforts to become the only driver with eight titles or, instead, take off his overalls to focus on the many activities that tempt him outside the circuits, both solidarity and business.

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