NewsGifted family from Germany: "He's never had real friends"

Gifted family from Germany: "He's never had real friends"

Anett Beckmann is the mother of four children: two highly gifted, two highly sensitive. Here she tells the children about the unique challenges they face.

Bad Lauterberg – Bad Lauterberg is a small, tranquil town in Lower Saxony and the home of the Beckmanns. The gifted and highly sensitive family from Lower Saxony has to struggle with special needs and challenges * and, according to the mother, is “a little different”. The sons Tajo and Maris are gifted. Her older daughters, 25-year-old Pauline and 21-year-old Maxine, on the other hand, do not have the urge to be tested for their intelligence quotient. Life turns out to be particularly difficult for Tajo: “He has always preferred himself and never had real friends. Unfortunately he is an outsider, ”explains Anett Beckmann. reveals which challenges and problems the family still has to master in everyday life

Even before his first day of school, a kindergarten teacher drew attention to Tajo. Even before he went to first grade, it was clear that the boy was one of the most gifted. However, it is becoming apparent that the boy from Lower Saxony has a special form of giftedness: Experts speak of a so-called “underachiever”. These are people who remain permanently below their physical and mental performance. “He does not perform at school that is socially expected.” Nevertheless, he has an above-average IQ. * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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