FunNature & AnimalHamster nutrition, what does this rodent eat?

Hamster nutrition, what does this rodent eat?

Hamsters are one of the first animals that parents acquire when their children become insistent when asking for a pet, it is also a good company for single people who do not have time to walk an animal … For one reason or another this little and A friendly animal is one of the most popular small mammals, but its diet is not one of the best known or managed by its owners.

Today we want to give you some clues about the diet of these small-eared rodents that will be based on products made especially for them, some fresh fruits and vegetables and certain seeds from time to time. We detail everything about his diet.

Hamsters’ diet is similar to that of rats, mice, and other rodents. Hamsters are omnivores, which means they can eat almost anything.

The fundamental points of feeding hamsters are the following:

– It can be fed with prepared and commercialized feed, which has been manufactured after studying the nutritional needs of the animal. Although you have to complete the diet with seeds, grains, fruit and vegetables.

– As for the vegetables that are good for these small mammals are: corn on the cob, carrots, zucchini, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Although these last two have a high content of fatty acids so we must limit their use as they can cause obesity.

– Lettuce is one of the fresh foods that hamsters and guinea pigs usually like but it is also the one that can cause major problems in the intestine if we do not regulate the quantity or if it is not well washed. The best part to give them is the bud.

– On the other hand, the fruits they eat are: apple, plums, strawberries, apricot and pear. All these should be provided in small pieces so that our little friend can hold and chew them without problems.

– Nuts are also suitable because they provide a dense and shiny coat.

– Even if your hamster likes cookies, bread or a similar elaborated product that you give him as a reward, we should not abuse them because they will not be positive for his health.

Hamsters prefer to eat on the ground rather than in a feeder

Hamsters are rodents that prefer to eat from the floor of the cage and not from containers that contain food. Putting food directly on the ground can lead us to think that it will be contaminated or spoiled by feces and urine. We should not worry since among the strange peculiarities of the hamster is consuming excrement. They are dung by nature.

If it is important to remove the remains of food not consumed routinely to prevent them from entering a state of putrefaction, this can affect the health of the animal.

Hamsters tend to be quite maniacal with meal times, something that we must bear in mind to avoid the absence of food. We will have to follow some schedules scrupulously.

The forage of the cages (hay, straw …), has a secondary role in the feeding of these animals, but they should not lack it.

They must always have fresh water freely available. It is best in a glass or metal tube and in a low position, so that the hatchlings can reach it.

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