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How do dogs feel and why don't we understand them?

Our good furry friend has enough and specialized resources to feel: five senses, the central and peripheral nervous system, a wonderful and complex network of nerves with their nerve endings … The dog has “all the extras” to feel and to be able to express your sensations and feelings.

What happens is that we, very intelligent humans, pretend to understand everything from our basic and simple point of view. This problem, almost a “disease”, is called anthropomorphism. Man is only capable of understanding what his limited mind does not consider strange, everything that is not outside the rational schemes … The rest, the inexplicable, the strange, the difficult to understand, is “translated” to our point out of sight or simply despised and considered non-existent.

The sensations of the dog are different from ours for a simple and basic reason: we are different! Although both species enjoy common sensory receptors, our senses and our ability to feel and express feelings are very different.

A clear example of “sensory differences” is smell. We all admit, more or less consciously, the great olfactory capacity of the dog: detection of drugs, explosives, search for people in natural disasters … If our olfactory capacity were superior to that of our good friend, there would be some special group of state security forces with qualified skilled and trained pituitary experts.

The dog feels differently because we are different … But it feels! Of course.

This special capacity to feel brings great joys to our best friend, but at the same time tremendous disappointments and alterations in his behavior.

Anthropomorphism prevents us from understanding them and leads us to have serious problems

Our unfair anthropomorphism makes us see them as equals, we treat them as little people, as if they were children. A tremendous injustice that prevents us from understanding them, a gross error that on many occasions causes serious problems for them and for us too.

Is the application of anthropomorphism the only way of understanding, or our human consolation for our total ignorance? Of course not.

We must begin to consider that the dog is tremendously sensitive and fully capable of giving and receiving love . Love in its purest form, without restrictions, without conditions. Something that humans rarely understand.

Many people argue that the dog is faithful and that it shows its affection by waiting for something in return … and I, a human of low intelligence, wonder: what does the dog that shares life with a homeless person expect? What counterpart is looking for the animal that accompanies a person without means to subsist? What “dark” reasons lead a guide dog to give his whole life to a man? Are they really asking us for something in return? They may just be waiting for a little darling.

The dog is a being as close to us as a family member or the best of friends. The dog can become as loved as any of the humans who share our lives, all despite being as unknown as the most distant of the constellations.

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