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How do I clean my cat's face? Eyes, mouth and ears

Does the cat scratch a lot, has it stopped eating, does it have crusts? These are signals that the body sends us that there is a problem, so a look at the ears, the mouth or the eyes may give us the clue that something bad is happening to our animal.

Waxy ears, even with excessive scratching wounds. Itchy ears or excessive wax may be due to the presence of a small parasite, very easy to treat, on the other hand.

We must check and clean the ears of our feline at least once a week. Find a place with light to visually check the inside of our animal’s ears. We will take a clean gauze and use an otic spray, which you will find at the veterinarian or specialized store.

Logically, if our friend has a small ear we will use the smallest finger of our hand for this task. Once we have gently introduced the finger with the gauze inside your ear, we will make small and gentle circular movements, so that as much wax as possible remains on the gauze.

We will remove the finger with the gauze and examine it, if the gauze has come out dirty, with traces of wax or dirt, we will take a clean gauze and repeat the cleaning in that ear, as many times as necessary until the gauze comes out clean. Never use cotton buds or anything else.

A foul-smelling mouth in which we can see, when lifting the lips, teeth full of tartar or reddened gums.

The mouth is one of the cat’s weak points: ulcers on the tongue due to viral lesions, infections in the roots of the teeth, accumulation of tartar, inflammation in the gums … Diseases that cause pain when eating, with which the cat will reject the food, getting weaker and weaker.

To prevent this from happening, you will need to use a toothbrush that would ideally be used once a day. Buy one that is adapted to the size and type of your animal’s jaw. There are also sprays to clean the mouth of the kittens, which kill bacteria. Also a feed specialized in removing tartar (consult your veterinarian). Avoid giving him food that is not specific for felines, because in the long run it will cause diseases in the mouth, among other things.

Inflamed, watery eyes can be a symptom of various diseases and are a cause for our cat of discomfort.
We have to clean the eyes when the animal is calm. You know how and when to calm him down, so wait until he’s relaxed. Check the eye for any blemishes or dirt. Once checked, use a gauze like the ones you have to clean the ears. Add saline solution and pass it through the tear duct and under the eye.

Snub-nosed animals suffer from many problems in the nostrils

Some breeds such as the Persians and the like, of the “brachycephalic” type (from the Greek: short head) are selected by breeders to be increasingly “typed” (from the English “tipped” = flat), coming to have a flat nose between the eyes. Without going into aesthetic considerations, these typed cats, as in the ultra-flat canine breeds, such as bulldogs, pugs or Pekingese, will present a series of health problems caused by this deformation of the nostrils, which will affect both turbinates (difficulty in passing air) and tear ducts (difficulty evacuating tears). What’s the score? That animals are born with difficult breathing, with a tendency to suffocation and snoring, conjunctivitis and the constant formation of legañas. These types of cats need more attention (still) in these areas.

Cleaning the nose does not require as much attention as the eyes and ears but gauze soaked in serum or water would be used again.

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