FunHow do you disable a stolen mobile?

How do you disable a stolen mobile?

Each user of a mobile telephone network is identified by means of the subscriber identification module or SIM. This is the card that is inserted into the terminal and contains what is necessary to obtain the service. In case of theft, it is enough to make a call to the company so that they block the line. In this way, the robber cannot receive or make calls from his mobile. However, it is not unusable, since it becomes operational again when the blocked SIM card is changed for another that is not.

To avoid this situation, manufacturers assign each terminal a 15-digit code, called IMEI , which is identified on the network by the EIR database. If the code is on your whitelist, the phone works without restrictions. It is also operational if it appears on the gray list, but it means that it is being watched to know its situation.

In the event that it is blacklisted, the terminal is definitely disabled. Therefore, in case of theft, it is advisable to provide the operator with the IMEI of the mobile, which is usually found on a sticker, under the battery. We can also access the code by dialing the following combination: * # 06 #.

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