FunHow does a spray work?

How does a spray work?

It was in 1927 that Erik Rotheim mixed active ingredients with a pressurized gas in an airtight container with a valve . When it was opened, the gas escaped violently and carried the active substances with it, which were pulverized.

The invention of this Norwegian was a revolution in the atomizer industry, since until then they worked mechanically, either by pressing a button with a finger, or by pressing a knob that propelled the liquid to the outside. The mouth of the container had a narrowness that atomized the product.

This system, which is still used today, has the disadvantage that the button or knob must be pressed intermittently. With the new spray, however, this annoyance disappears, as it is enough to hold down the button for the liquid to flow. Furthermore, aerosols have the advantage that they diffuse the product better and in greater quantity and that they continue to work even when the container is almost empty.

All aerosols include a pressurized gas to liquefy and mix at the bottom of the container with the substance to be sprayed. When the button is pressed, a valve opens that lets the pressurized mixture escape and, when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, the liquefied gas turns gaseous and the substance fragments into tiny drops of a few microns in diameter.

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