FunHow does laundry bleach work?

How does laundry bleach work?

Over the years, white fabrics turn yellow. This is due to the fact that certain changes in the composition cause the fabric to begin to absorb light from the blue end of the spectrum instead of reflecting it. Detergent bleaches work at this point, replenishing the strip of light that the fabric stops absorbing.

A bleach is nothing more than a fluorescent dye that absorbs ultraviolet radiation , which the human eye is unable to perceive, and uses its energy to emit blue light. By simple combination of colors, the extra contribution of blue radiation hides the yellowish tone of the fabric. The effect of bleaches is evident when sheets are laid out in the sun. They have an intense bluish luminosity and blinding whiteness. Finally, it remains to say that the textile industry regularly dyes white fabrics with bleaches, in order to give garments a more white and shiny appearance.

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