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How does the dog communicate in the first months at home?

Dogs organize their lives in packs, in groups of animals that strictly fulfill certain functions within rigid hierarchical rules. In order for the puppy to learn to behave within a team, it must go through two learning stages:

After weaning you will learn to ask for and accept orders

A first stage in which, during the weeks after weaning, you will learn the rules of access to food. The puppy, when it was suckling, did not have to comply or accept any order: it was hungry, it looked for its nipple and it ate. When the food is no longer the mother’s milk and they have tofeeding in a groupfrom a single source of food come problems. When hunger squeezes all the furry ones at the same time, the first conflicts usually appear: other animals, siblings or adults, with the same or greater sense of appetite.

Our good friends do not have papers that tell you what turn you have, the dog must learn what his moment is and for this he will take more than one upset, the occasional bite and multiple confrontations. The adults will eat first (that’s indisputable) and then the puppies.

Who starts? standards are acquired based ondemonstrations of power: the one who more and better demonstrates that he is above the rest in the family ladder will eat before, the most submissive, weak or “resigned” will have to settle for what the rest of the group leaves on the plate. So are the things! Such a strict method, such an iron and “heartless” family organization may seem cruel to many humans, but for the dog it is the most normal thing in the world, they do not feel subjected or rejected, for not reaching the top positions. The dog willingly accepts the position that the group gives him, they accept the hierarchy as something inherent to their lives.

The problem appears when the man, out of ignorance, allows his new friend to eat his food, at the same times, etc. without realizing that the information that the dog is receiving is very different from what the human being intends to give him: the man wants to show that he loves him, that he is one of the family but the animal but he is understanding thathis herd is submissive, that his position is rising through the ranks like foam. Let no one be surprised if this useless food concession leads toother serious problems in the future: total disobedience, assaults for dominance, etc.

The dog is not bad, the dog is complying to the letter with the information that we have been providing.

There is a second phase in hierarchical learning, which coincides with puberty in males and with the second heat (approximately) in females. Males usually have one or two “peaks” of aggressiveness at the beginning of their sexual development. A few moments in which their development and their hormonal plethora lead them to try to climb the ranks. These manifestations of “toughness of character” often disappear by themselves.

The dog, male and female, is reaching a situation of total detachment with their family entity , they stop needing their mother as an informative point of reference and they stop seeing their siblings as part of the family. The arrival of sexual development produces a contact with their individuality, they stop being “dependent” puppies to begin to act as emancipated adults and concerned about their position on the command ladder and the control of their territory.

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