FunHow does the smart tire work?

How does the smart tire work?

The intelligent tire is able to adapt the contact surface with the asphalt to the driving conditions . Thus, the tread narrows as the vehicle increases its speed, to offer less resistance to the air and reduce the risk of hydroplaning when the road is wet. On the contrary, the wheel widens at low speeds and during braking. To detect changes in gear, the tire has an ingenious magnetic system on the inner side of the tire, which communicates with the vehicle's electronic accessories, such as the ABS anti-lock systems.

The sidewalls of the tires are covered by magnetized iron particles that create a bipolar field. A pair of sensors registers the passage of the magnetic poles during the rotation of the tire: if both appear simultaneously, it means that the wheel rotates normally. Now, the deformations cause lags of milliseconds in the reading of the magnetic fields, which are registered to adapt the shape of the tire.

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