NewsHow is Charlene of Monaco doing? Sister-in-law: "We are...

How is Charlene of Monaco doing? Sister-in-law: "We are all very concerned about her condition"

Princess Charlène of Monaco had to be hospitalized. She has since been released.

Update from September 4, 8:51 a.m.: now cites an unnamed source from the princess’s environment. “She spent one night in the hospital, where she was examined by doctors and then discharged. She is now recovering surrounded by her family. ”However, this does not mean Prince Albert II and her children – they had recently left South Africa again.

“She is currently very weak and fragile from her last surgery,” the source continued. Charlène recently had a four-hour operation under general anesthesia.

Her sister-in-law also spoke again. Chantell Wittstock on picture : “The princess stayed one night in the hospital. She was in severe pain. The recent ENT surgery put a lot of strain on her. Charlène’s condition worries us all very much. “

Update from September 3, 6:26 p.m.: After an ENT operation in South Africa, Princess Charlène of Monaco is said to have collapsed and taken to a hospital (see first report from September 3). The admission has now also been confirmed by Chantell Wittstock, the spokeswoman for her foundation, and announced that she has already been released. “She was brought there in the ambulance,” Wittstock told the German Press Agency on Friday and further emphasized: “It was not a collapse. The healing just wasn’t making the progress the doctors had hoped for ”.

Charlène of Monaco collapsed: Princess in the hospital – sister-in-law speaks out

First report from September 3, 2021: Monaco – The Princess of Monaco Charlène has apparently collapsed and even had to be hospitalized. This is reported by the South African portal news24 , among others.

Charlène of Monaco probably collapsed – worries about the princess

Accordingly, Charlène suffered the collapse on Wednesday evening when she was staying at her lodge north of Durban, South Africa. She was then taken to a nearby hospital under a pseudonym.

Charlène von Monaco neben ihrem Mann Fürst Albert. (Archiv)


Charlène of Monaco next to her husband Prince Albert. (Archive)

According to the picture , the princess suffered the collapse as a result of complications from her ENT infection. The sheet refers to a communication by Charlène’s sister-in-law Chantell Wittstock.

According to this, Charlène von Monaco is in a “stable” condition.

Charlène von Monaco has been stuck in South Africa for months

Charlène von Monaco has been in her home country South Africa for months. Actually, she had only planned to stay there for a short time. But because of a serious ENT infection, the princess was not allowed to fly. At high altitude, therefore, the pressure on Charlène’s ears is too great. As a result, the princess was separated from her husband, Prince Albert, and their two children for months. Only recently Albert traveled to South Africa with the children Gabriella and Jacques. Before that, Charlène von Monaco had to undergo an operation, which, according to the palace, she had survived well.

Separation rumors about the couple made the rounds because of the long spatial separation. Albert and Charlène then showed unity in new photos. (rjs)

Rubriklistenbild: © Christophe Petit-Tesson / dpa

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