FunHow is obesity operated?

How is obesity operated?

Certain cases of severe or morbid obesity, which affects people weighing more than 50 percent of the recommended weight, do not respond to conventional weight loss treatments. An effective alternative to solve the problem is laparoscopic surgery, which is performed through small incisions and with the help of micro-cameras.

Today, surgeons have different procedures. The so-called simple techniques work on the stomach to reduce its volume, which allows the patient to be satisfied quickly when eating. This is achieved, for example, with the adjustable gastric band , which consists of a silicone ring that hugs the stomach, dividing it into two parts: an upper or small-volume reservoir, which communicates with the rest of the gastric cavity through a narrow and small outlet. Its opening can be controlled using a subcutaneous device. Another procedure consists of placing an expandable balloon inside the stomach, although this intervention is indicated for non-morbid obesity.

In certain patients it is necessary to resort to so-called complex techniques, such as gastric bypass , which consists of surgically reducing the capacity of the stomach.

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