FunHow many types of computer viruses are there?

How many types of computer viruses are there?

The more than 10,000 computer viruses detected to date, which affect at least one million computers each year, can be classified into these 3 different groups:

Viruses that infect files . 85% of these viruses infect files with applications such as games and calculation programs. When a contaminated application is activated, the virus code is executed and installed in the memory of the PC so that it can be copied in the following applications that are executed. Once settled, the virus returns control to the infected application, rendering it undetectable by the user.

Loader sector virus . They are programs that are installed in an essential part of the floppy or hard disk where they are read and stored in memory to be executed when the PC starts up.

Macrovirus. These infect data files. Specifically, they are installed in the so-called macros, which are inserted in certain documents.

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