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How to get from Perpignan to Barcelona, ​​Girona and Figueres

What is the best way to get from Barcelona to Perpignan? Since the high-speed train connection between Paris and Barcelona began, the train has been the best way to get from northeastern Spain to much of France.

Spain and France are in the Schengen Area, the 26 borderless countries of the EU. Crossing the border should be quick and easy – your train is unlikely to stop.

However, random checks are possible, and freedom of travel between Schengen countries can be temporarily suspended in an emergency, which has happened in the past between some EU states. Always carry your valid passport when crossing borders in the EU.

Barcelona to Perpignan by train and bus

The AVE high-speed train from Perpignan to Barcelona takes about 90 minutes. Trains usually leave four times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and a couple of hours early in the evening.

Trains from Barcelona to Perpignan leave from Barcelona Sants station.

This Barcelona-Paris train route has stops in both Girona and Figueres, making both convenient day trips from Perpignan and places easy to visit en-route to Barcelona.

Itineraries from Perpignan to Catalonia by train

Here are a couple of options for traveling from France to Spain by train:

Barcelona day trip: take the first train of the day from Perpignan to Barcelona; It usually leaves around 10 am and arrives in the second city of Spain around 11:30 am The last train of the day that returns to Perpignan is usually around 6:30 am. This only allows a short trip to Barcelona. Trains going in the other direction, for a day trip to Perpignan from Barcelona, ​​leave earlier and later, which means you could have a more full day, but Perpignan is not such a day trip. popular.

Visiting Girona and / or Figueres en route to Barcelona: Figueres is 23 minutes, and Girona is 40 minutes from Perpignan by train. Within an hour of leaving France, you can be at the Dalí Museum (assuming it’s not peak season when the lines to get in are crazy). Then there are trains every hour from Figueres to Girona. For an afternoon in Girona, you may want to consider a guided tour.

There are trains every hour until 10 at night from Girona to Barcelona.

Buses between Perpignan and Barcelona, ​​Girona and Figueres

There are infrequent buses throughout the day between Barcelona and Perpignan. The trip takes three hours each way.

Linebus and ALSA have buses from Perpignan to Girona (although ALSA buses tend to arrive quite late at night). This trip takes about 90 minutes and costs about 20 euros.

If you are looking to go from Girona to Perpignan, Shuttle Direct offers a direct service from Girona Airport to Perpignan city center.

Buses from Barcelona to Perpignan leave from the Sants and Nord bus stations.

How to get from Perpignan to Girona by car

The 95km journey from Perpignan to Girona takes a little over an hour. Take the A9 and the AP-7. AP roads in Spain are all toll roads, so be prepared to pay.

Barcelona to Perpignan by car

The 200 km journey from Barcelona to Perpignan takes about two hours, traveling mainly on the AP-7 and A9 roads. Note that AP roads are toll roads, which can add to the cost considerably. Driving in Spain is more profitable when you can fill a car with several people.

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