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How to report animal abuse found on the internet

When a person mistreats an animal, he not only fulfills his mission and hurts or kills a living being, but he usually likes to make others participate in his evil and with the immediacy of social networks it is too easy. But so is catching him. No brain doubly.

The Nature Protection Service of the Civil Guard , SEPRONA, indicates in statements to that “there has been a spectacular increase and we receive a large volume of emails of animal abuse on the Internet”, because abusers are magnified show your “feats” to those who can see them to publicize or create controversy.

What do we animal lovers and people do with two fingers of the forehead when we find images or videos of people hurting an animal? The first thing that may come to mind is to write a comment in the post capturing everything that goes through our heads, leaving aside decorum. We also choose to spread the author’s photos or share the post with other users of the social network. Experts on the subject explain that this is not the best method to end this scourge but that what we must do is report.

You can report online or at the police station

When we come across a document or post on the Internet that contains some type of animal abuse (the ‘pasotismo’ of many towards their animal is also) what we must do is try to calm down and not write everything that occurs to us in the post of the abuser, since we would be putting him on notice and in a moment of lucidity he could delete the post, that is, the evidence we have of what he has done. Also, what that individual is waiting for is to stir us up, provoke us and start an argument and we are not going to let him get away with it.

Sharing that post for others to see is not a good idea either because we would be attracting other users to that person’s page and we would be giving them visibility.
The first thing we have to do is save all the evidence we have: photos, video, text, take “screenshots” of your profile, look for other possible posts or comments that threaten animal welfare, look for you in other networks … Once collected all the information, we can send it to different entities.

The Seprona may be the first we will go to. This Civil Guard unit is sadly familiar with this issue and they will act accordingly. To send the documentation collected write to [email protected].

The Animal Justice and Defense Observatory is a non-profit platform created in 2012 that monitors animal abuse in Spain and fights to end this scourge. Among other things, the OJDA files complaints for cases of animal abuse before judicial and / or administrative institutions. To notify them of cases of animal abuse, we must send all data and evidence (photos, videos, texts) to the email [email protected]
The lawyers and jurists specialized in animal defense of this association will study the case and put it in the hands of the authorities. This study will tell us if this case has already been tried, if it falls within Spanish jurisprudence and even where the video was recorded from and by whom. The Observatory will then decide to which official unit it is best to send it.
Both entities will retain your anonymity if you request it.

Finally, you can report how your whole life has been done by going to a local police station in your city, the Civil Guard or the National Police with all the printed documents. You can also send an email to these authorities.

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